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Am I a model?

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

The answer is... absolutely not.

Recently during my styling module at University I had to choose a brand to improve and create a photoshoot that could be used for their website or Instagram. I chose Weekday and dragged one of my best friend Cerys into a deal where she would model for mine and I would for her... which worked out quite well.

To say that I had little experience with photography would be an understatement, as I had never actually held a professional camera before. So I knew that this module would only go one or two ways, but typical char style I was adamant I would not take any practise shots, so evidently if it went wrong, I would only have myself to blame (thank god it didn't).

Me and Cerys were absolutely shitting outselves thinking about the day of the shoot but knowing we were in it together made it somehow more bareable. We even considered going out the night before... which somehow we decided against.

On the day, I got up, washed my hair, did a full face of make-up, filmed some tiktoks (I'm sorry), dragged my suitcase filled with my outfits around my 4 floor student house (which could have easily fit both me and Cerys in), picked my side-kick up and we headed to the studio. Dragging our suitcases through University during an open day full of wide-eyed parents wasn't our proudest moments, but once we got upstairs and got Beyonce blasting, we were absolutely loving it!

If you are considering doing a Photoshoot or even have the opportunity to do one, please do! Its so daunting to be both the photographer or model, but I promise once you are their for 5 minutes, you feel amazing!

Here are some images from of my Weekday shoot and Cerys Boohoo shoot...


See you soon! Stay safe! X

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