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Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Now more than ever, music is essential to keep us moving and out of bed each morning. Music is personal, something I love, someone else might hate, that's why it's amazing.

My morning routine now is:

Out of bed, in the kitchen, music blasting, breakfast.

Music follows me everywhere I go, work, driving, cooking, showering, and I've chosen some of my favourite songs at the moment. If you'd like a listen, follow my Spotify: Charlotte Nunnerley

Elli Ingram - Bad Behaviour

Most of the artists I have been listening to I have never heard of, so whether they're new or just not listened to enough, I have no idea. I'm just happy listening. This song brings the sass into my life that makes my mood lift. It's pop, but the sax and heavy beats brings in a soul feel. It's catchy, and easy listening.

NDO - No way out

The beat in this song is so different and will stand out in most peoples everyday playlist. With headphones the beat travels through your ears, which follows with the vocals are beaut!

Nyah Grace - Sunday

Yesterday, sat in my car listening to this soulful woman with the sun burning my face, was amazing. Giving me total relaxation vibes and calmed me completely. It's the perfect break from everyday stress that comes from Miss Rona.

Atkins - Power of the boogie

THIS SONG. I heard it first whilst at a Folamour (anything he plays is amazing) event and it's a great mood lifter. Blast this whilst making your tea or having a drive and you'll feel amazing.

Rex Orange County - Loving is easy

This warms my heart, blasting this through headphones is the only way to fully feel it. Full 10/10 for good vibes.

Lennon Stella - Golf on TV

This girl. She's amazing and I think a lot of her fans are obsessed with her new album, with every song having relatable aspects to them and such good messages, they're sensational.

Her vocals are so simple but yet so beautiful and moving to listen to.

"Some people wanna switch it up

Like just one love

Could never be enough

Some people watch golf on TV

And neither of those things make sense to me"

The 1975 - If you're too shy (let me know)

This is a throwback to my 14 year old days. Since then their music hasn't been the same but this song is just like their old songs. The positive and upbeat sound is exciting and something differen't from other music coming out at the minute.

Alaina Castillo - Just a boy

This girls vocals are stunning and her song is empowering. With the simple backing music matches well and is great for a chilled moment. She speaks the thoughts of every pissed off girl and I love it.

"When I'm alone and all I got is time

Too much time

And you don't pick up

My head starts to make shit up"

Harry styles - Cherry

The best. The whole album I didn't love at the start but now, I can't listen enough. So many different ways his music could have gone and to make it this peaceful and meaningful is amazing. I could write a whole blog on each song but this song in particular is beautiful and a breath of fresh are from the mainstream music that appears everyday on the radio. It's beautiful.

There are many more in the playlist but these are my favourites.

Hope you're keeping well and staying inside, this will be over soon.

Char x

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