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The Addictive Sport of Online Shopping

A list of my favourite affordable online shops.

Online shopping is addictive and sometimes you end up spending more money online than if you paid for transport into town, lunch and then the actual shopping. But finding websites that you like and having an idea of what you would like helps. Social platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok can give you inspiration for styles that you never thought you'd be interested in.

1. Bershka

When visiting Paris is February, me and the girls decided to go for an afternoon of shopping. Little did I know, it would be one the highlights from the trip. Walking down beautiful streets in the fashion capital in the world, we had previously been to the high end stores in Paris but this was something else. Berhska was one of the first shops we visited, and when we entered we had one last look at each other and split up to shop. Everything in there was amazing, all the trends that you see on Pinterest and you want but can NEVER find. Online is exactly the same, slouchy trousers, flowing skirts, pieces that you would never find in UK online stores such as Missguided and PLT. The online layout is simplistic and shows outfits together giving your mind a chance to picture yourself in the clothes.

Here's some of favourites from Berhska:


Yes, its obvious, ASOS is most peoples favourite online retailer. With such a wide variety of clothing and beauty products with hundreds of brands, it would be hard to not like at least one thing on it. With North face, Monki, New look, Nike and Asos brands it's variety make it popular with people of all ages. Their quick delivery and long list of influencers working with them, they're a brand that's hard to miss.

My faves from ASOS:

3. Monki

I love Monki. Ever since they opened up their store in Newcastle, I love their use of colour, comfort and streetwear. The way I can use lime greens, oranges and blues and not feel like I'm stuck out but fit right in. The way they use models of all skin colours, sizes and ages gives them bonus points as well!

My picks from Monki:

4. Weekday

Weekday is a brand which I wish I could buy from more. There dark and edgy feel on the website gives off a cool vibe and there focus on sustainability is reassuring that its a great brand. They remake clothes and give you the opportunity to design t-shirts.

My favourites from Weekday:

Other good Online shops to look out for are shops such as Pull and Bear, The Hip Store and TOPSHOP.

Anyway, thanks for the read! Enjoy your day and send me a message if you fancy.


Char x

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