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The New Student Life...

Walking can be your saviour this year, as COVID-19 continues to affect all our lives and with many students now having to isolate from the general public, typical student life as we know it is beginning to change. Whether you're a fresher or a 3rd year, it's important to give your mind a break. With stress coming from all angles of life, it can seem hard and overwhelming for anyone to take in. Being honest, this University life isn't what any of us signed up for but we can't cry over lost drunken nights out forever, so it's time for beneficial ways to keep you happy and healthy whilst at University during COVID-19. If you can manage to leave your accommodation, walking is a great tool to clear your negative thoughts.

Studies have shown that walking can reduce your risk of getting the flu, which is important in this current crisis. Since we have been warned that the mix of a winter flu and COVID-19 could be dangerous, we need to all make a conscious effort to keep ourselves healthy. Walking has many different positive aspects, and as a low impact activity it's simple to achieve and see results. Depression and anxiety can be greatly reduced by releasing tension within your body. Sat at your desk all day or in bed can cause your muscles to ache, moving your body is a way of releasing that tension and making your body feel better.

Whilst moving your body, you can see all different things you wouldn't have sat in your room, which gives you inspiration to write, learn or create new things. Especially when writing, you need ideas to begin your dissertation or essay, which your target audience will find interesting. Getting out of your bubble, especially for students in 2020, can break up your day. Whether it be in-between lectures, before lectures or after, walking gives your body more energy to do daily tasks a lot easier. It can also make you feel as if you've achieved something with your day.

Feeling strong within yourself is the key to feeling good. Giving you the power to get out of bed and do your daily tasks which could seem difficult, should feel easier with a strong mind. Living as a student, it can be very easy to fall into bad sleeping habits. Falling asleep at 3am then waking up midday, never helped anyones mental health. So, getting up and being active is a way to tire your body out. Break the poor sleeping habits and get up early, eat energy filled food and get moving.

Whether you walk in silence, taking in your surroundings or listen to music and podcasts, everyone does this differently. Finding your own way to walk is essential to building your strength and feel happy within isolation.

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