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2021 S/S Eyewear trend

If there’s ever been a time to want to hide behind sunglasses, it’s probably now. After all, it’s not like we have been hidden away in dark rooms for the past 6 months. So, when the sun does begin to creep out, make sure to make a statement that nobody can miss. Since we can’t go out and show off our favourite block heels, let’s invest in an accessory we can wear every day.

Over the past two years it’s been the time for small sunglasses, the ones that sit at the tip of your nose and radiate sass. Well, 2021 is now the year for ‘bigger the better’ shades. With 70s influence not only coming in your hair but in your wardrobe and eyewear isn’t missing out of that. There are multiple frame shapes to choose from, some of which you may have lying around in the back on your wardrobe.

With the rise of people working from home, the increased sales of blue light glasses is unsurprising. From clear lenses to UV protectants, designers are influencing high street brands with the top eyewear trends of the year. Although these shapes are a repetition from past decades, they are twisted slightly to show modernity and boldness.

Beginning with the retro round frame, this timeless classic is worth investing it. This strong frame suits most face shapes whilst being extremely wearable throughout the year. For those not wanting to go too far out of their comfort zone but still wanting to make a stylish statement, this might be the one for you. This year the frames are thinner and silver gains favour in brands such as Emporio Armani.

If you’re wanting a cool and effortless look, the aviator may be the 2021 accessory to choose. Similarly, to the round frame, the aviator frame is timeless. The versatility of the frame allows it to be easy to fair with any look and making it look chic. This look is ideal for spring, as there’s still a chill in the air. Pair these with a turtleneck and trench coat, we promise that your daily walk will be much more exciting.

The rectangular frame has been popular for the past few years and isn’t going anywhere yet. With buyers all over the world adoring them, it’s no surprise that luxury and affordable brands have them stocked up. From ocean blue to bright white, the possibilities are endless.

If you’re wanting to go headfirst into the 70s trend, it’s time to go large. The large square frame is an essential to this season’s trends. From tortoise shell to deep navy, there’s endless opportunities to have a standout look or a relaxed look. This look is essential today to cover up those under-eye bags from the sleepless nights of online shopping or virtual wine night with the girls.

70s fashion has always been an undesirable trend, but 2021 is making it high fashion. With cut out shades to wide leg jeans to delicate gold jewellery. The Abba look is coming back, and we love it. Over the past year we have all lost the structure in our lives, take it back this year with bold, sharp frames that structure your face.

Cat-eye frames have returned after a short break and are back bolder than ever. With a more angular and slimmer shape, the feline shape has peaked its sophisticated look. Ralph Lauren have opted for a semi-rimless structure which emphasises the harsh frame shape.

The shocker for the year was the return of the Y2K racer frame. Thanks to our exercising once a day rule, the racer frame has been influenced by our increase of sporting activities. Although these may not be the easiest to pull off, the reflective lens and protective design will have your eyes thanking you.

It’s time to go big or go home with the XL frames. These ones will cover the majority of your face, following the mask wearing from Covid-19. The XL frame is one for the fashion lovers and risk takers, you may get a laugh from your Dad, but fashion like-minded people will applaud you. From pink tinted lenses to embellished rims, the possibilities are endless.

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