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Happy wardrobe, Happy mind

This time last year, the population was shopping for sparkling outfits meant for parties and events. Today, it’s all about sweatpants and savings. A week into the UKs 3rd lockdown, and lockdown routines are beginning to change. No more banana breads and whipped coffees but a lot more sustainable thinking and being resourceful. Many people are now working from home again, meaning a new office is being made in hundreds of bedrooms and living rooms. This then means a clean out is required, with the best place to start being the wardrobe.

No doubt, the current wardrobe for many home workers include joggers and oversized hoodies. These are all bulky items that can bulge out anyone’s wardrobe. So, organising begins with what goes where. Thinner items such as t-shirts and dresses to hang up in your wardrobe, then chunky jumpers and joggers should fold up. If you have the space, it’s great to sort out clothing depending on your current situation. If you know you’re going to be stuck in the house for the upcoming month *cough cough* then maybe it’s time to put away the smart trousers and dresses until the day comes for the next day drinks. This goes for the summer items, Asos summer dresses and sandals can go into the loft until at least May.

Ideally your wardrobe should be filled with timeless items, leather jackets, chunky boots, straight leg jeans, white shirts. These garments are essential for any outfit and you will have forever, if bought from well-made manufacturers. It’s more important than ever to now chose items of clothing that are going to last and are not just a one-time purchase for a friend’s birthday, items that are made well do sometimes come with a high price tag, but they also are sustainable and will last until you a lifetime. Growing up, its normal to purchase ‘going-out’ items from online fast fashion brands but really they only last 1 year then you’re back to square one.

Sales are another huge tease, but please, unless you have been eyeing up those Doc Martens for the past year, you won’t wear whatever you buy, and it’ll be shoved in the back of your drawer until your next clear out. Of course, if you have these clothing items that you don’t wear then donate to charities for people who would appreciate them 10 times more than you do. One person’s trash is another’s treasure is never more apt in these situations. Places like Depop and Ebay are great for making an extra £50 each month, alongside personal rules such as you can’t buy another item of clothing until you’ve sold one you already own.

During lockdown, everyone’s weight and image can fluctuate so don’t throw out those 100% cotton jeans you bought last year but get them altered. Items are essential can always be altered to fit you perfectly. This will save you £50 that you’d spend on a new pair. Another way is to repurpose clothing, low-quality clothes can be turned into face masks, dish clothes, anything!

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