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You want me to wear baggy jeans?

Baggy jeans sprung to the height of fashion in summer 2020, in 2021 we can expect to see the same. Unfortunate news if you’re a skinny jean lover.

Yes they may look like your dad’s jeans, but you will look like the coolest chick on the block. Most online stores have their own version, whether you’re wanting luxury or affordable.

No more boyfriend or mom jeans are needed. The dad jean is the perfect slouch look, both unflattering but so trendy. The ultimate trend that even your dad will approve of. The best dad jeans usually consist of 100% organic cotton, a straight but wide leg and relaxed waist shape.

Monki showcased their Yoko jeans last year and I just happened to pick up 2 colourways. The blue denim and beige colours fit slightly different, with the blue being a thicker denim but both fall perfectly to puddle above your Air Force.

Of course, these jeans aren’t the most form fitting, so some styling is important. Whether you want the cute flattering look of jeans and a crop top. This look isn’t suitable for daily walks in January, you’ll absolutely freeze. Maybe you want the ‘I woke up like this’ look, Levi’s baggy jeans, oversized Iets Frans hoodie and a black North Face. Normally paired with a tight bun, soap brows and Nikes. Perfect for the rainy days.

The transition from joggers to oversized jeans can seem unnecessary in a lockdown and realistically the only thing happening outside the house is Sainsbury's, so what is the point? Getting dressed and looking forward to feeling good is important in these times. Feeling good about yourself.

Good quality, sustainable denim can be seen as an investment. It’s beneficial to spend the time to research brands and find out their sizing. Reviews are essential to finding out if the brand is authentic and if the products are worth it. The dad jeans you choose should get you through decades. For the times when skinny jeans are back in business, you can store the dad jean away and know you can get them back out a year later.

Good on You is an app I’ve been using to find out whether stores are doing their best for the world. Good on You will rate brands on labour, environment and animal. H&M and Monki are some of the best I’ve seen that are rated ‘It’s a start’. They use recycled materials and prevents deforestation in its supply chain. Shopping responsibly is becoming increasingly popular and a talked about topic. Apps like Good on You can help make the decisions alongside YouTube reviews and recommendations.

This trend is wearable by everyone. The 90's trend, previously worn by Will Smith in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, is effortlessly cool that is due to stay around for a while.

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