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Updated: Oct 10, 2020

At the beginning of lockdown I finally made the decision to become gluten-free, completely. After realising that the NHS was rather preoccupied trying to combat COVID-19, I decided to not get tested and just see if the change of diet made me better.

My overall symptoms consisted of bloating and lack of energy, which effected my lifestyle massively. I would run, workout and diet, even sometimes go without meals to try and get some sort of flat stomach. Nothing worked, it was infuriating, I would be uncomfortable all day in Uni and then be so uncomfortable going on nights out. My life today is completely different.

At the beginning it was difficult, having to change my eating habits, even just remembering to not eat food with gluten in was hard enough. So, after saying goodbye to KitKats and Tiger bread, it was all gluten-free bread, Pizza bases the lot.

I'm a fussy eater and annoyingly most of the 'free-from' food that's sold at supermarkets are also vegan and dairy free, which neither I am. So that can be hard to work around, I've learnt to just buy the free-from food that works best for me, so the oven GF bread rolls and GF pizza bases are great!

I'm apprehensive to start eating out as there is always a lack of gluten-free options, which is so frustrating and sometimes will mean that I might have to eat the gluten in certain situations.

During lockdown I have baked lots of gluten-free goods. Following @Beckyexcell on Insta has been a god send, her recipes are fantastic and I'd recommend all of them to friends. Her Victoria sponge and lemon drizzles are especially good, tasting the same, if not better, than other (non gluten-free) bakes I've done previous.

So, yes!!! Gluten-free lifestyle all the way. Any questions let me know.

Char x

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