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New Vaccine News

Yesterday the news came out that there was a COVID-19 vaccine that was awaiting to be approved. Although, to many this news brought happiness, to me it was tears, anticipation and worry. Like many others, my life has changed drastically since March and there's nothing more I want more than for life to become 'liveable' again, so the news of an upcoming saviour, is massive.

So much uncertainty over the past 9 months, that the thought of a definite vaccine seems unrealistic, something not to get your hopes up for but what if it was?

If you're feeling a little bit like me, just know we are in this with the rest of the world and if the news or your socials opinions are getting too much for you, simply turn them off, breathe and remember they are just words and nobody really knows what is going to happen.

Hopefully this will be a blog post I look back on in a year from now and remember how tough times were, and how much we all powered through.

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