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Learning to live with an anxious mind

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

More people than not experience anxiety every day, although some cases are more severe than others, it’s important to recognise the symptoms and how to ease them. Although there is medication that can help with anxiety, they tend to have bad side effects on the brain. So, many anxiety sufferers look for other ways to help.

It’s not just the person with anxiety that can suffer, the individuals around them can pick up on panicking feelings. A sense of hopelessness in others can make your own worries grow, it’s important to clear your mind and keep it fresh to be able to truly be calm and in control of your feelings.

It’s important to be aware that someone else’s worries are theirs, and sometimes you can’t change the situation that they’re in. Although you may share the concern for the issue, you over-thinking in your brain isn’t going to make the problem any better, the situation will become easier if you rationally think through the issue and understand where the worry stems from.

Suffering from anxiety means you have to work extra hard to control your spiralling thoughts. Getting to know your own brain is essential, being able to know what you can and can’t do in certain situations is the beginning to build your confidence and awareness. Our surroundings can be a good tool in calming down, if you’re having a rough day, a walk through your local park or streets can do a lot of good. Breathing in the fresh air, feeling the cold breeze on your arms, counting how many red doors you see, these are ways to open up space in your mind for clear thoughts.

Sometimes all you need is to relax your brain with a time out. If you live a busy life with work or family troubles, it can be hard to find time to really chill out. Taking a bath, having a drive, or simply sitting on the sofa with a new book and green tea, simple thinks helps your mind. Give it a go and get to know your mind.

Times can get worse during isolation, one thing that saves me is getting out the house. At the moment, Boris says no. So, learning to keep your mind busy indoors is handy. Baking, writing, reading and I'm even considering painting, anything to keep your mind healthy and happy.


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